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The vertical ammonia condenser in Jianlibao Co.,Ltd.

The incrustation on the condenser is serious.

After the removal of incrustation and rust



The clean carbon steel tube after washing and prefilming


   In this cleaning project of ammonia condenser, we used precise cleaner, special additives and other compound means, reaching the goal that eliminate incrustant and rust, but no cleaning for rustyscale. This equipment has been used since 1993, so the rust corrosion of carbon steel tubes is serious. The owner used high pressure water jet and other physical means to clean the tubes, but failed, causing much ammonia leakage. Now we used only RMB10990 yuan to complete the project which included cleaning , eliminating incrustant and prefilming. The project shows that we reached a new high in both product and engineering experience.


  Heat exchanger of production equipment, rapid descaling, rapid restoring production site. We have rapid, accurate, affordable ability of site operation service. This case (Guangzhou JinZhuJiang Chemical Co., LTD) is a good example.


The oxide cooler to be cleaned, whose incrustation was serious

Choose CG - 3 and corresponding additives as cleaning chemicals

The leaner turned to dirty and thick liquid when the incrustation was serious.


The dirt washed out was dirty thick liquid.