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  FCH Huayang XinLi Water Treatment is a professional company which mainly engages in central air-conditioning water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment and industrial chemical cleaning .We have committed to recycling water treatment ,upgrading and improvement of industrial cleaning equipment technology for more than 10 years. Great progress and performance In the same industry have been made.We now have a total of seven Limited: FCH Huayang Xinli Water Treatment Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, FCH Huayang Xinli Water Treatment Technology (Guangzhou)  Co., Ltd, FCH Huayang Xinli Water Treatment (Foshan) Co., Ltd.,  FCH Huayang Xinli Water Treatment Technology (Shenzhen)Co.Ltd,  FCH Huayang Xinli Water Treatment Technology(Wuhan) Co., Ltd, FCH Huayang Xinli Water Treatment Engineering Co.,Ltd, FCH Huayang Xinli Water (Hong Kong ) Co., Ltd.There are also two factories attached in Foshan and Beijing,five offices in  Macau, Chongqing, Qingdao and Chenzhou.In a total of more than 20,000 single contracts and order executions,over 98% were excellent,and no technical accident of any scale ever happened,which is very rare in the similar companies. Not only have we solved the users’ problems of equipment maintenance and security,but also effectively ensured and reasonably extended the normal life of the cooperative users’ production equipment,creating an ideal economic effectiveness for large amounts of users.
  FCH Huayang XinLi’s advantages in water treatment and equipment cleaning: first, FCH Huayang XinLi has products factories directly under the company.We have full range of chemicals,which have stable performance,strong compatibility , pertinence and practicability,avoiding the minus effect and instability of water treatment,which are caused by instability or bad quality of the already-made products from outside.We also make the prices of the products have scale merit, making users achieve ultra-expected economic benefit. Second, the company has accumulated a wide variety of rich and mature experience in tens of thousands of water treatment ,engineering services and chemical cleaning projects, and accumulated a large number of technical points and operative skills in solving difficult cases.. So that FCH Huayang Xinli has unique problem solving ability in dealing with ultra-high hard, high-alkaline water(such as the North China region), high-corrosion-type water (usually by the salt tide submerged the Guangdong region), high-organic polluting water (steel mills, chemical plants, spices or food additive plants, etc.). There is no technical difficulties.We have quite a high level of technical operating processes in washing medium and large complete sets of production equipment, production lines (such as beer bottle washing machines, generators, heat conduction oil system, etc.).
  FCH Huayang Xin-Li’s advantages in the high-tech products and water treatment product upgrades: We have introduced one of the world’s most advanced complete sets of equipment in industrial circulating water (FCH series). So FCH Huayang Xinli has a strong resources of mature and stable technology concomitant with advanced technology in the professional area of circulating water treatment. In the Asia-Pacific region and China, Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing area, the new technology in environmental protection, water  conservation and automation control is in the forefront of the industry, and have achieved excellent results.
  FCH Huayang Xinli has completed the performance of more than 20,000 items. In addition to Hong Kong and Macao regions, in mainland China, every year more than 1,500 new and old customers,who are well-known enterprises, companies, buildings and so on, continued to support ,acknowledge and trust us (see
customer list). From our beginning to enter the Pearl River Delta region in 1996, more than 300 well-known users have cooperated with us up to 9-10 years,such as Honeywell, Guangdong Yida, Huashan Mountain Spring Group, Blue Ribbon Beer,Foshan Plastic Corporation,Chunhui Corporation, Biguiyuan Group, Jianlibao Group and so on. And the numberof users who have continuous or total cooperation with us for 5-8 years is over 800 . These facts indicate that FCH Huayang Xinli has been doing a good job in every work in a down-to-earth way. Whether in terms of product cost performance or technical service, FCH Huayang Xinli has been recognized and approved by the users.

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