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  FCH Huayang XinLi Water Treatment (Wuhan)Technology Co., Ltd is a professional water treatment company, whose business contexts include producing and selling agent and equipment for industrial circulating water treatment, offering annual maintenance for central conditioning water treatment and industrial circulating water treatment , chemical cleaning for Industrial equipment production line.
  With high performance of our products, superb technology, abundant on-site experience and the most economical cost, FCH Huayang XinLi Water Treatment (Wuhan)Technology Co., Ltd has spent more than 10 years committed to the upgrading and improvement of water treatment and industrial equipment cleaning technology, ,and made great progress and performance in the same industry. Each year we get the trust and support from more than 200 customers. In the past years, FCH has completed more than 30,000 order of products and engineering service in Asia Pacific, and no quality accident happened, effectively guaranteeing normal use of each customer’s production equipment and production line, reducing energy consumption, and creating great economic and social benefits.
  FCH Huayang XinLi Water Treatment (Wuhan)Technology Co., Ltd’s advantages in water treatment and equipment cleaning: first, FCH Huayang XinLi has products factories directly under the company.We have full range of chemicals,which have stable performance,strong compatibility , pertinence and practicability,avoiding the minus effect and instability of water treatment,which are caused by instability or bad quality of the already-made products from outside.We also make the prices of the products have scale merit, making users achieve ultra-expected economic benefit. Second, the company has accumulated a wide variety of rich and mature experience in tens of thousands of water treatment , engineering services and chemical cleaning projects, and accumulated a large number of technical points and operative skills in solving difficult cases.. So that FCH Huayang Xinli has unique problem solving ability in dealing with ultra-high hard, high-alkaline water(such as the North China region), high-corrosion-type water (usually by the salt tide submerged the Guangdong region), high-organic polluting water (steel mills, chemical plants, spices or food additive plants, etc.). There is no technical difficulties.We have quite a high level of technical operating processes in washing medium and large complete sets of production equipment, production lines (such as beer bottle washing machines, generators, heat conduction oil system, etc.).
  FCH Huayang XinLi Water Treatment (Wuhan)Technology Co., Ltd’s advantages in the high-tech products and water treatment product upgrades: We have introduced one of the world’s most advanced complete sets of equipment in industrial circulating water (FCH series). So FCH Huayang Xinli has strong resources of mature and stable technology concomitant with advanced technology in the professional area of circulating water treatment. In the Asia-Pacific region and China, Hong Kong, Macau, Wuhan area, the new technology in environmental protection, water conservation and automation control is in the forefront of the industry, and have achieved excellent results.
  Each year, in North China, FCH Huayang XinLi Water Treatment (Wuhan)Technology Co., Ltd has achieved support, acknowledge and trust from more than 1,000 new and old customers, who are well-known enterprises, companies, buildings and so on (see customer list). From our entering the Central China in 2006, there have been lots of customers who have cooperation with us, such as: Wuhan Shuanghuan Science and Technology Corporation, Wuhan Road and Bridge Corporation, Wuhan Haiyun Chemicals,Dongfang Shidai Molding, Xiaogan Huagong Xingaoli Electronics, Xiangfan Enpei Machinery, Hubei Huanggang Zhongda Advanced Materials, Longchen (Huanggang) Electronic Technology, Wuhan Suning Appliances, Wuhan Yichu Lianhua Supermarket, Wuhan Sanhuan Group, Xianning Hotspring International Hotel(four-star hotel), Xiangfan Yigao Digital Plaza, Wuhan Jinsheng International Furniture Plaza, Suizhou Country Garden Hotel(five-star hotel), Xianning Country Garden Hotel(five-star hotel), Anhui Wuhu Country Garden Hotel(five-star hotel),Anhui Anqing Country Garden Hotel(five-star hotel), Chongqing Jinfengshan Hotel, Chongqing Peninsula International, Chongqing Yaoyou Pharmaceutical, Chongqing Hongli Chemicals Chongqing Zhemgyuan Spices, Chongqing Zhongdian Technology, Chongqing Xinwei Technology, Chongqing Qianjiang Printing, Chongqing Qianjiang Cigarettes Factory,Hunan Chenzhou Cigarettes Factory, Hunan Chenzhou Wanguo Hotel(four-star hotel), Hunan Chenzhou Yuquan Hotel(four-star hotel), Hunan Chenzhou Construction Bank, Hunan Chenzhou Local Tax Bureau, Jiangxi Jiujiang Angtai Capsule, Jiangxi Ganzhou Zhaori Tombarthite, Jiangxi Ganzhou Qiandong Tombarthite Group,etc.
  These facts indicate that FCH Huayang Xinli has been doing a good job in every piece of work in a down-to-earth way. Whether in terms of product cost performance or technical service, FCH Huayang Xinli has been approved by the customers.
  We have no exaggerated slogan and grandiloquence, while tens of thousands of customers has been witnessing our effort to keep going forward. In the future, we will continuously introduce, research and develop the new technology and new products all over the world. and synchronously share technological progress of water treatment with our honored customers. Our tenet is: To set Customer’s satisfaction as our starting point, twenty years of satisfaction as our goal!

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