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Huayang Crystal Silicon Phosphorus

Huayang Crystal Silicon Phosphorus can thoroughly remove rust water, yellow water and scaling
  Magic ball "huayang crystal silicon phosphorus corrosion and scale inhibitors," away, non-toxic, colorless, odorless and in the United States, the FDA GPAS as food additives. "P" is the silicon huayang of phosphate/silicon polymer etc of slow soluble polymers, appearance for glass ball shape, can prevent the carbonate scaling and scale formation of iron. One of the P - P, dissolved in water with metal ions from the reaction, prevent oxidation reaction to continue hydrogen ferrous iron into hydrogen, namely, and passivation tube wall can generate a protective (1UM), strong corrosion function. "Huayang crystal silicon phosphorus" corrosion and scale inhibitors, "red away dirty water" and blocked buster. "Huayang crystal silicon phosphorus" is very easy to use, does not require less maintenance, head pressure loss of power consumption of tiny, User every 3-6 months, can complement again medicine automatically with the added water water, "huayang crystal silicon phosphorus every tons of water," only 1-3 grams, can satisfy anti-scaling membrane effect.

Huayang crystal silicon phosphorus
Before and after processing piping
Small automatic dosing device
Dosing tank installation drawing

  Used in hotel, hospital, school of high-rise buildings, bath, hot water boiler, tea boiler (water), heat exchanger, heating furnace of rustproof anti-scaling. The north, northeast of users for use in a very short time to solve water, yellow rust and scaling problems, the effect is very significant.

1,and dosing and carbon steel and stainless steel pot is plastic (small) three kinds of material.
2,and ordinary dosing cans can withstand 0.6 Mpa pressure, another for bear 1.0 Mpa and 1.6 Mpa of dosing cans.
3,and dosing device installation should be far away from heat, prevent water back.
4, long after discontinuation, when will the water discharge and medicine, 1-2 times.

The friendship hotel installations
Electric water boiler installations
Models of "Huayang crystal silicon phosphorus automated dosing device"
Model Filling water per day (tons)
Dosing device volume (l)
External diameter (mm)
 Dosing device height (mm)
FCH-A1 〈1 0.5 DN15  <100
FCH-A2 2-4 1 DN20 <150
FCH-A3 5-10 2 DN40 185
FCH-A4 11-15 5 DN40 265
FCH-A5 16-20 7 DN40 310
FCH-A6 21-35 10 DN50 345
FCH-A7 36-59 20 DN50 380
FCH-A8 60-85 30 DN80 680
FCH-A9 86-110 40 DN80 680
FCH-A10 111-170 50 DN100 840
FCH-A11 171-220 80 DN100 950
FCH-A12 221-290 100 DN150 950
FCH-A13 291-450 150 DN150 1130
FCH-A14 451-750 200 DN150 1140
FCH-A15 751-1000 250 DN200 1500