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  Our company have offered water treatment and chemical cleaning for thousands of customers for ten years. huayang water processing, chemical cleaning service has passed through the years, the chemical method (product) water treatment and chemical cleaning technology level and the service in our industry is already very outstanding person, but we have promised our customers. Will the best international and domestic newest water cleaning technology service to our clients, for clients to create more and better energy saving method, create more and more benefit.

Automated and Integrated Equipment for Circulating Cooling Water


  Now we are introducing multinational company FCH by telephone under 0120-2714540, INC FCH products series, as the upgrade of circulating cooling water treatment (absolute environmentally friendly products, we will be the province of old and new customers to use in a large-scale promotion. We firmly believe that the second decade, huayang company bring customers comprehensive automation of water treatment system is not only a set of high-tech equipment, and is in the leading industries in the direction of development, China's water level to a new level.
  Our goal: now Euramerican developed country high level and high tech content of water treatment technology, HuaYang people "home" to you tomorrow!

before treatment
after treatment
layout of equipment
before treatment
after treatment

FCH features:

  ①the realization of automatic control, no need personnel. Automatically sterilization, anti-scaling rust, automatic monitoring quality, high efficiency filtration, automatic recoil drainage.

  ②absolutely environmental class (type B) : complete physical sterilizing algae (uv) and physical type anti-scaling rust (automatic interference molecular energy technology), do not need any chemicals.

  ③A type of environmental protection (relative) : bromine SCAT (activity) and silver slice complex composite copper ions sterilization (currently developed countries general environmental sterilization method), the use of physical type anti-scaling rust (automatic dry on molecular energy technology).

FCH-A standard configuration function schemes

1. master control panel unit

2. the filter element
2a rough filtration
2b sand filter cylinder (20 microns)
2c electronic-controlled four to valve
2d conductivity, differential pressure sensor controller

3. biological control unit
3a silver copper ions produced controller
3b silver copper ions
3c SCAT spreader

4. scale control unit
4a acoustic signal generator
4b signal transmission line

5. pipeline
5a pumping tube
5b return pipe
5c recoil tubes

Dear customer:
FCH have series model of optimum allocation according to the system, and your request for installation.