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Technical Service

  "FCH Hua Yang Xinli" always believe that technology, service and technological innovation are the our company’s life. They are also the inherent motivation of our development. "Huayang people" insist on the most professional product quality, the most practical principle of service, the most honest price concept. Therefore, with our equipment, water treatment technology and products, which represent the most advanced technology in the world, "Huayang people" make friends with different customers from everywhere .

In 2005 FCH Huayang Xinli communicated with the multinational FPD (FPD Savills) on the subject that energy saving in water treatment.

  Our technical engineers communicated with the project managers present about energy saving of FCH automated water treatment equipment, automatic control and other technology.

In Beijing 2009 Industrial Green Water-saving Technology Promotion and Exchange of Experience

  In November, 2009, Beijing Industrial Green Water-saving Technology Promotion and Exchange of Experience was held ceremoniously. Economic and informatization commissions, waterauthorities from all districts in Beijing, several news media, the Beijing key enterprises (including Huiyuan Juice, Tongrentang pharmaceutical, Jingdongfang, etc), and many guilds of multiple industries attended the exchange activities. As the key object for recommendation in the part of "new technology and products of water-saving and enterprises" , FCH Huayang Xinli showed its advanced technology and strong strength, attracting much attention from many enterprises and media.

Our technology

  We have an factory directly subordinate to the company, and an OEM factory. FCH has strong supporttng strength in scientific research. After many years of professional development in mainland China, we have formed a set of highly specialized products and strong supporting system. Every year thousands of customers’ orders and site service help us improve our products and service greatly.

  Now FCH Hua Yang Xinli has no technical difficulty in the projects of small and medium industrial equipment cleaning, and industrial circulating water treatment. We have formed a data bank of the exclusive characteristics of cases and procedures about all kinds of product line equipment and industrial systems. These valuable frontline experience and chemicals produced by ourselves, help FCH Hua Yang Xinli have the efficient, accurate and complete professional advantages and security services.

  We have a group of engineers and technicians who have rich site experience. FCH Huayang Xinli provide fast and comprehensive water treatment service throughout the year. The company’s engineering departments are equipped with on-site technical service vehicles and cargo delivery vehicles.

vehicles in Foshan Branch for all-day service
vehicles in Beijing Branch for all-day service

  Honored customers, when you have problems to be solved in cleaning of equipment, central air conditioning and industrial circulating water treament, or would like to save money, you might call us.

Our Criteria

  The national standard and industrial standard are our basical reference. FCH Huayang Xinli implements national standard and we are actually beyond the standard. Because FCH Huayang Xinli has summarized the real requirements and efficiency pursue from more than 30,000 orders.


Before cleaning, we must make on-site viewing in order to make a in-depth understanding, and choose the most optimal and cost-effective integrated programs.

In the process of cleaning, we strictly obey the quality standards and the requirements specification, and dispatch personnels for on-site analysis and monitoring tools.

After cleaning, we strictly implement emission standards. Receipts of construction task will be sent to customer for retaining. We will also establish archives of after-sales service for users,and provide results of regular system test and reasonable Suggestions.

water analysis laboratory

analysis laboratory for regular project tests
professional engineer who has over 30 years’ experience tests meticulously
analysis lab for comprehensive project

the laboratories in our factory