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Heat Transfer Oil Furnace Cleaning

  As a kind of good heat transfer medium, Heat Transfer Oil (organic heat transfer media) has the characteristics that are high-temperature, low-pressure, high heat transfer efficiency, uniform heat transfer, and obvious effect in energy saving. Therefore, it is widely used in dozens of industry, such as petroleum, chemical, food, printing and dyeing, textile, chemical, light industry, oil conveying, man-made board, highway engineering, and building materials. However, whether the heat transfer oils are compound or mineral products, they are organics that are namely alkane, cycloparafin hydrocarbon, aromatic and its derivatives. When organics work in the furnace in the condition of high temperature for a long time, they will produce cracking, making oil viscosity rise, be colloid and asphaltene grime, even causes carbon coked in the pipe. As a result, heat transfer efficiency reduces, and energy consumption increases. What’s more serious is that it may block the pipes, causing explosion. Therefore, the heat transfer oil furnace system ought to be cleaned thoroughly when old oils are changed, avoiding the new oil being polluted by old oil, clingage, oil coke and carbon deposit.
  FCH - 88 heat transfer oil is a special complexing cleaning solvent, excluding acid-base. So it won’t corrode the furnaces, equipment and pipelines. FCH-88 can work without passivation or any residue. It also has any influence on new oil. It is the thoroughest and safest product, which brings quick reproduction. NCH Group in the United States and Tianjin Chemical Institute have participated in and of technology. Having been used in thousands of companies, FCH-88 has proved its characteristics that are economical, practical, efficient, and stable. It is the most nichetargeting and effective thermal oil furnace cleaner, which creates much economic benefit for our customers.
The cleaning process:
  Exhause heat conduction oil —— oil-linesteaming ——circulating cleaning with FCH-88 —— wash with water —— purge the seeper with compressed air —— add new oil —— evaporate residual moisture —— regular production (the stop time of heat conduction oil furnace system complete cleaning is about 3 ~ 5 days).
  FCH Huayang xinli has been engaged in heat conduction oil furnace system cleaning for ten years. We have accumulated extensive, rich and mature experience in hundreds of cleaning projects in textile printing and dyeing, wood processing, leather, chemical, oil production industry, packaging, asphalt heating, etc. So we don’t have any technical difficulty in removing clingage, coke, and carbon on equipment of different industries, such as thermal oil furnace, pipes, heat exchanger, etc.
  The enterprises who were served or have been served by FCH Huayang Xinli are as follows. They are: Guangdong Esquel Textile, Gaoyao Hongguan Printing and Dyeing, Shunde South Printing and Dyeing, Nanhai Yuehua Dyeing and Finishing,Shunde Jinli Knitting, Foshan Fucheng Knitting, Foshan Guanda Composites, Jiangmen Lianfu Textile, Jiangmen Huachang Textile, Heshan Taiping Dyeing and Finishing,Heshan Hongxin Warp Kinitting, Foshan Sun Packaging, Foshan Plastic Group, Foshan Xinweixing Plastics, Foshan Weiming Plastics, Nanhai Lida Printing and Packaging, Tetrapack Huaxin(Foshan) Packaging, Gaoming Weilian Plastics, Gaoming Gaoyu Plastics, Gaoming Tonde Chemical Plant, Shunde Guojing synthetic material, Guangzhou Modern Acrylic Sheet, Guangzhou Yonghua Plywood, Guangzhou Dayu Waterproof, Guangzhou Xiongxing Plastics, Zhejiang Dehong Artificial Leather, Kingboard (Fogang) Special Resins, Zhaoqing Kemao Resins, Henan Keming Resins, Taishan Weixing Plastics, Fujian Jinjiang Chaoba Shoe Material, Dongguan Huabang Gaosheng Woods, Gaoming Tengye Chemicals, Gaoyao Changchun Chemicals, Zhongshan Zhenfeng Light-fixture, Jiangmen Dachangjiang Group, Hubei Longchen Electronics, Shengxiang Industry, Jiangmen Meixinda Artificial Leather, Taipuke Asphalt(Xinhui), Binzhou Highway Engineering, Wuhan Luqiao Asphalt, Hubei Shuanghuan Technologies,Wuhan Haiyun Chemicals, ects.(For more projects, plase refer to engineering projects.)