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The Central Air Conditioning Water Treatment

  The central air conditioning water system often has to run continuously, and seldom stops for maintenance outage. The water capacity is small, while the evaporation of cooling tower is large, so the cyclw of concentratin and the total hardness are high. As a result, much hard scale appeared in the condenser of main engines or packing layers of the cooling tower. The hard scale weakens the refrigerating effect directly, and increases energy consumption. The pipes of central air conditioning system are long and much-branched, and the ends are mostly fan coil unit or wind ark. Once the pipeline was jammed by scale crust and dirt, or quantity of air flow decreased in some parts, the temperature and humidity requirement of refrigeration would not be guaranteed. So water treatment ought to be adopted in the air conditioning system to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and save energy at the same time.
  FCH Huayang Xinli is a professional enterprise engaged in central air conditioning water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment, and equipment cleaning . We have applied ourselves to the upgrading and improvement of water treatment technology. Our company has accumulated a wide variety of rich and mature experience in tens of thousands of water treatment , engineering services and chemical cleaning projects, and accumulated a large number of technical points and operative skills in solving difficult cases. So that FCH Huayang Xinli has unique problem solving ability in dealing with ultra-high hard, high-alkaline water(such as the North China region), high-corrosion-type water (such as South China region), Super-high mansion, super systems, etc. There is no technical difficulties.
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