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  cooling water (GB50050-2007)


Industrial Circulating Water Treatment

  Industrial cooling water circulation systems are mostly open circulation system, so the dust and pollutant from outside can be easily absorbed into the systems. What’s more, the systems are often run continuously, and there are few maintenance outages. The water with high concentration ratio and high hardness easily leaves hard sediment in the chillers. At the same time, the bacteria grows greatly when light is sufficient. All mentioned above will lessen the system’s cooling effect directly, increase energy consumption, and even causes pitting corrosion, shortening the working life of the equipment.
  As for Industrial Circulating Water Treatment, FCH Huayang Xinli has accumulated a wide variety of rich and mature experience in tens of thousands of water treatment , engineering services and chemical cleaning projects, and accumulated a large number of technical points and operative skills in solving difficult cases. So that FCH Huayang Xinli has unique problem solving ability in dealing with ultra-high hard, high-alkaline water(such as the North China region), high-corrosion-type water (usually by the salt tide submerged the Guangdong region), high-organic polluting water (steel mills, chemical plants, spices or food additive plants, etc.). With our effort, many customers have solved their problems about equipment maintainence and security, effectively guaranteeing and reasonably extending the working life of our customers’ equipment, and saved energy at the same time.
  Since FCH Huayang founded in 1990s, it has completed more than 30,000 projects in Asia-Pacific. Over 3500 new and old customers, who are well-known enterprises, companies, buildings and so on, continued to support ,acknowledge and trust FCH Huayang Xinli every year. They are Chuihui Group, Foshan Plastic Group, Fenghua High Tech, Midea Group, Glanz, Kelon Group, JIanlibao Group, Qingdao Beer, Blue Ribbon Beer, Honeywell, Esquel Textiles,Benda Textiles, Huashanquan Group, Xingfa Aluminum, TCL Technology, Baobo Packing, Toyota, Fudi Cars, Foxconn, Kingboard Chemicals, Atotech,Herchces, Jinzhujiang Chemicals, Chongqing Yaoyou Pharmacy, Xinbeijiang Pharmacy, Shenzhen Energy Group, etc.(For more projects, please refer to engineering projects.)